Awaken to your prosperous life within 90 days.

Become your Highest Expression Here and Now.


You’ve been searching far and wide for that deep kind of

indescribable transformation. It's here.


It's time to break the barrier of fear between you and your deepest desires, 

 infuse more joy into your life and ​amplify your energy towards

your life's highest Calling.






Your energy is the highest form of currency.

The #1 reason you feel stuck, ungrounded or scattered is because 
you don't know where to direct your energy. 
The moment you think you do, you start
to doubt yourself and enter into an exhausting 
cycle of starting and stopping. 
In Prosperous, you enter the sacred space to explore where you're expending
energy that's depleting you, release what no longer serves you and learn how to re-direct your energy
 into areas that FUEL you towards your deepest desires.


Are you hearing the call to activate your gifts

and step into your next evolution?

Keep reading to see if this resonates.


The good news. 

More people are searching for their purpose now more than ever.

The old paradigm we have been living in is outdated

​and a new paradigm is emerging. 






Here's What You'll Receive

features & benefits

  • Self-Guided Implementation

    12 weeks of video modules for self-study compliment

    implementation weeks throughout the school. 

  • Private Community

    Access to a private Facebook Group only for students in the school. 

  • Student Portal

    12 Weeks of Soul-Provoking experiments. Access to your own student portal for the duration of the school.

  • Self-Care Energy Kit 

    Learn breath work techniques, body movement and meditation practices to support your prosperous life.

  • Live Mentorship

    Intimate 1:1 mentorship with Sandy on group calls  

  • Ongoing Support 

    Uplifting and safe community where you can feel deeply supportive.

  • Foundations of Prosperity

    Re-wire thoughts of scarcity/lack 

    surrounding your version of success 

  • 3 Levels of Consciousness

    Deeply understand yourself, heal old wounds and transform old patterns into new patterns based on the reality you desire to create.

  • Explore the 7 Energy Centers

    Awaken and purify the energy centers all throughout the body through movement and breathing techniques

  • Tools for Mental Recalibration

    Re-program the mind to re-program the body and ease the nervous system using tools in between sessions

  • Foundations of Ayurveda

    Discover your unique energy blueprint through principles of this ancient body of healing

  • Meditation Philosophy

    Learn how to set a solid meditation practice that sustains you for the rest of your life

  • Fortify the mind/body/spirit

    Dive into powerful methods to transition the mind into a state of healing for the body.

  • Foundations of

    Spiritual Practice

    Create a peaceful oasis of wellness and health within by cultivating your own practice using tools you learned


Calling the change-makers, creatives, light workers, healers, teachers, visionaries and entrepreneurs forward to come together in this safe space of healing, transformation and growth. Living in prosperity is your greatest gift to the world.

Prosperous: The School is created for burnt out leaders who want to tap into the energy source that fuels their greatest desires.


What if you could re-program your mind for prosperity in exactly 90 days?


Learn how to govern your own mind, body, Spirit and embody your version of spiritual growth, wisdom and wealth.



Transformation stories from past clients and students.




"My Biggest Breakthrough was feeling confident and knowing my worth."

"I've had so many breakthroughs with Sandy but my biggest one is building my confidence and awareness in knowing I am worth so much more than I was allowing myself to have. Within such a short amount of time, I have a business that I am obsessed with, I am getting booked with client consults, I make money doing what I love, I've been featured on large publications, I feel more present with my family and I am excited about what I'm creating!" 




"I sleep better and my income has doubled."

"Sandy gave me practical tools to help me work through everything. Every step we took was simple, but made a huge difference! The first and best result from working with Sandy was sleeping better!  With my meditation and self-care routines firmly in place, most nights I fall asleep much faster, and sleep much better! I would absolutely recommend working with Sandy!”




"She unlocked my creative energy!"

"Sandy unlocked my creative energy that had been put away when I entered “the real world. She awoke the woman in me that I always thought I would become. Because of my shift, I was able to leave my corporate job, create a brand and company I am proud of representing and today my days revolve around passion driven actions to reach my highest self, my highest goals & the greatest good for the future of my family."


I see you Divine friend.


You did everything you thought you were supposed to. 


You've tried journaling, pulling tarot cards, rubbing crystals, thinking positive affirmations. 

You've listened to all the top podcasts, signed up for countless online masterclasses, invested in courses, followed the footsteps of successful looking influencers, signed up for all the programs (that are still left incomplete). 


You've got the certifications and the degrees, went to networking events, hired coaches, and despite everything you've consumed ---you feel like no matter what you, you just can't seem to get ahead of yourself. 


Despite following other people's ideas and strategies, you're frustrated for two reasons:


1) You aren't receiving the results you deeply desire 

2) You received great results but couldn't sustain it


The truth is, you're not the only one.

Most people have learned that all answers are found in the outside world

triggering us to ignore our own intuition and inner wisdom. 


The answer to everything you need is within you. 


You access this sacred space through the vortex of your own heart. 


What if you could break the limiting patterns that keep repeating themselves? 

 You're here because you've said to yourself​ 


"There has got to be more to life than this." 


The truth is… 


You are worth having a PROSPEROUS life that sets your Soul on fire. 


And you're tired of looking for answers outside of yourself only to feel like you're treading water. 


This is first an inside job.


NEW LEVELS REQUIRE NEW BLUEPRINT - one that is unique to you.


You can do anything you desire and it will work, but here’s the missing link that no one is telling you: 


Your energy is your #1 most powerful asset and it must be aligned with what you desire.


There are three prosperity principles to focus on so that you can finally experience the results you desire:


Your Energy Mindset Actions

Your Life Purpose is Calling.


I’m here to support you on your wildly adventurous Soul journey.


Prosperous School of Self-Realization will teach you how to embody your most prosperous reality by integrating these 3 simple, foundational principles.


Your energy is the #1 most powerful asset that sets the foundation for every result you want in your life and business.


You’ll know you’re NOT embodying your unique energetic type if:

  • You feel drained by the end of the day 
  • Your attention is often scattered
  • You’re doing what you’re good at but not what brings you fulfillment
  • You’re following other people’s strategies + idea but nothings actually sticking
  • You feel resentful often
  • You have no spiritual tools to keep you grounded and help you to be more energetically efficient





Once you embody your energy. Your mind creates your reality.


What you think is what you create. It starts with your awareness and with the right awareness, Prosperity is years.


You’ll know you’re NOT embodying your mind:

  • You have the shiny object syndrome
  • You need validation from others before you take action
  • You upper limit yourself when you know you’re closer to success
  • You’re good at finding excuses to not actually do the real work
  • You spend more time thinking about what you want instead of actually doing it





Your actions creates your results. 


If you’re ready to start taking aligned actions that lead you to the results you want, something has to shift.


You’ll know you’re not embodying your actions if: 

  • You spend more time consuming information, comparing yourself vs creating what you actually want to create
  • You’ve read all the personal development books, but you haven’t integrated them
  • You’re good at re-verbing the content you learned but you haven't actually put it into practice
  • You do a lot of things, but very little of it is done with full intention, you never stick to a specific action for more than 30 days

Your actions are based on your mindset.

And your mindset is based on your energy. 

You can work hard to create anything, but you need energy to sustain it. 



The Prosperous School of Self Realization is the exploration and integration sanctuary to help you catapult to your next level and finally get life changing results. 


Learn to embody prosperity, pleasure, peace and purpose and how to open up your energy to receiving more material wealth and spiritual wealth.


As a graduate of Prosperous: The School

 you will receive the blueprint to the following results: 


> Feeling more vibrant and energized by prioritizing your energy

> Established spiritual practice that amplifies your unique lifestyle and gives you room to evolve and create the results you want

> A fully aligned and undeniable business, life and relationships 

> You're now an attraction magnet for all of your desires

> Feeling more grounded and rooted in who you are at your core without having to make compromises

> Healed emotional pain and released blockages holding you back





> Trust within yourself where you no longer need outside validation

> Being committed to your own plans that you actually follow through and see results

> More focused and efficient

> An acute level of Self-awareness to quickly identify patterns that are no longer serving you and that are blocking you from having the money and desires you have














> Less time spent scrolling through social media comparing yourself to others

> Consistent follow through with your plans because they feel so aligned with your desires

> DO in a way that feels grounded in your BEINGness

> Aligned actions that feel juicy and exciting to you that the roadmap to your success naturally appears

> Experience more PLAY and PLEASURE while taking action towards designing your dream life and have the results to match your new vibration






You’re the kind of person who won’t rest until you know all the answers. 


You’re a powerful, wildly wise woman with magic you’re being called to birth into the world.


You wake up with an insatiable hunger to understand yourself, tap into your own brilliance and prosper in a business and life that you’re undeniably passionate about.


You know that you were incarnated on this Earth, at this time, for a deeply fulfilling calling, even if you might not know what it is quite yet.


You’re so ready to create massive impact but there’s still something holding you back.


The Prosperous: School of Self Realization will equip you with a new framework and flow that makes you feel confident to design your own unique path. You’ll be a part of a hybrid and integrative container while getting access to spiritual tools to help you expand your Consciousness in a way that has never been taught before.

“Prosperity doesn’t mean that you have wealth, health, and happiness. The best way to explain prosperity is that when a rosebud flowers and opens up, it has its fragrance.


When a man or a woman is Prosperous, there is that fragrance of security, grace, depth, character, and truthfulness, which that person can share.

Like a candle emits light, a Prosperous human emits prosperity.” 


- Yogi Bhajan 🌸

Are you ready to become the leader of your own life?

Limited to only 30 students




- 60-minute Private Mentorship Call with Sandy (BONUS)


- Access to Video Modules Bi-weekly Group


Mentorship Calls with Intimate Class of 5 per Group


- Access to Private Community


- Access to Self-Care Toolkit, Resources, Workbooks and Meditations Investment Plan 





- Access to Video Modules Bi-weekly Group


- Mentorship Calls with  Intimate Class of 5 per Group


- Access to Private Community


- Access to Self-Care Toolkit, Resources, Workbooks and Meditations Investment Plan 




Enroll for only $162

then $162 weekly after


Meet Your Teacher

You scrolled down aalll the way to the bottom of the page which means you're probably wondering who's behind all this?


I'm Sandy Vo. I'm a meditation teacher who requires one belly hurting laugh a day and am devoted to serving you Joy on your journey of Self-Realization.  

I'm the host of globally rated show Prosperous: the podcast and the Founder Prosperous: the School of Self-realization. Also co-founder of a media company & network, Ladies Aligned.


I'm on the Board of SUNY Mindfulness Institute as a Mindfulness Educator for faculty, board and students. 


After struggling with depression and anxiety, learning meditation through a sincere teacher changed my life. It helped me to anchor into my purpose, sky rocket in my Life's calling and led me to live in more harmony, peace and prosperity.


Over the past 7 years, I've practiced and taught meditation to hundreds of students. I mentor high performing individuals on how to implement grounded techniques to re-wire and upgrade the body, mind and Spirit.


I created this School as an integrative container so you can experiment with ways to create new paradigms and free yourself of old rigid belief systems 

no longer serving you. 


If you've been feeling like you're treading water, feeling unfulfilled, here's what I know:

as a changemaker- you feel a deep Calling and responsibility to share your gifts with the world. But in order to create the kind of change you want to create in the world, you need to learn how to protect, amplify and honor your energy. 


I'm honored to serve alongside you as a mentor and guide. Through our time together, if you can put in the work, you will experience the most prosperous, fully expressed version of your Self by accessing the power that is already within you.  


Other fun facts: 

I'm marrying my soulmate Zach who is my Divine mirror. We have a pupson who's a cockapoo named Brody. When I'm not teaching, I am a student of Life, allowing myself to be guided to new adventures. You can find me sipping matcha having a belly hurting laugh or in a hammock by the lake and the mountains anchoring in to more love, peace, and harmony.  

If you’ve read this far...

But maybe you’re still fearful.


You might be thinking ... 

"I’m afraid of making the investment."

"What if this doesn’t work?"

"I’m afraid of the commitment."


I want to remind you that you are worthy of feeling good and living your most Prosperous life. Head over to the testimonial section and hear from leaders just like you.

If you can find yourself in their journey, it's a clear sign that you're

ready to take the next step. You will receive as much attention as you can give. 

If you show up and participate in the experiments,

you will walk away transformed. 


Let's hop on a Discovery call and together,

we can explore if this 90 day program is the best fit for you.