DECEMBER 2-5, 2021 









Limited spots available.


The truth is, if you don't prioritize

your own well-being,

No one else will. 


Discover a unique one-of-a-kind opportunity to immerse yourself in vibrant health, inner fulfillment
deep Presence in an uncertain world.

Join the well-being retreat of a lifetime. Spots are extremely limited and will fill up quickly.

Royal Glow Meditation Retreat is like drinking from the fountain of youth. My energy, health, finances, and relationships were all transformed for the better from my experience. I’m so grateful to understand the power I can harness when I say yes!


Yarina Sencion



Designed with your well-being in mind


Explore how you already have the power within to live a prosperous, healthy, peaceful, and happy life.


The Royal Glow Meditation Retreat is a 4-day immersive deep-dive experience that teaches participants methods of self-transformation that are simple enough to start and practical enough to sustain.


Hosted in tropical southwest Florida, this retreat presents an extraordinary opportunity for you to detach from the ordinary pressures of daily responsibilities, routines, and environments that habitually create the reality you currently live in. Explore who you are beyond the identity that people in your life know you as, or the changing roles you play in the world, what you truly desire, and who you will become.


Step into this unique space free from stimulating daily modern technologies and distractions so you can develop a deeper relationship with yourself.


This space is intentionally cultivated for you to experience the infinite, Higher consciousness using your mind, your body, and your breathIn this safe container, you'll learn the tools and modalities to bring forth your deepest desires and Highest expression. 

You have the strength

to break free 



What can I expect from attending?



    Be equipped with the confidence to trailblaze your own unique path and create your reality. Learn the practical methods to self-regulate your emotions, self-soothe your nervous system, and reprogram the mind so you can relieve stress in the body.



    Learn breathing techniques that strengthen your immune system, movement, and exercises that strengthen your body and modalities that connect you to your own Inner Wisdom.



    You are not here to memorize. You are here to Remember. Experiment daily with the new practices and tools that support you in embodying your Highest expression of Self.  Learn to reprogram the mind before returning to an old environment.


The mind only knows what it knows

until you teach it something different.

You realize what life is really about.


What Sandy does, how she’s helped me and everyone is finding the peace, the grounding, the belief in yourself. I’m talking the past, present, and future so you can heal old wounds. Maybe you struggle with fear, “is my business going to be successful?” “Do I have what it takes?” And you over-analyze what you do, or don’t do. Through what Sandy teaches, you are able to ground your energy, stop over-thinking, and have an abundance of confidence. It changes your perspective about life in general and to stop overthinking what you’re doing. You realize what life is really about. And it helps you NOT sweat the small stuff. "

Jay, Investor

Past Attendee 

Sandy Vo Royal Glow Meditation Retreat

What Will I Receive? 

You will unlock an organized body of wisdom that when practiced, generates mind, body, & Spirit harmony, so you can become your own medicine. During this event, you will access tools for stress-management during highly stimulating busy times. You will anchor into a restful yet highly rejuvenated state so you can deepen your understanding of meditation, mind/body connection, and the power of self-transformation. 


Become more self-trusting, confident, and clear on your path.  You will practice:



    -Learn the 5 element breathing practices that you can use anywhere during any circumstance

    -Practices to self-heal and self-regulate

    -Integrate a daily breathwork journey to teach the body a new experience


    -The 5 element meditation that organizes the mind and body to live in harmony

    -Practice the 5 types of meditation: walking, sitting, lying down, standing, and working

    -Practice reprogramming the unconscious mind (ego software) so you can experience your desired reality now

    -Practice the principles behind creating miraculous life experiences 

    -Understand why vibrational therapy is important in training the mind/body to behave towards your desires


    -Teach the body how to slow down and calm your adrenal 

    -Practice self-massages to soothe the lymphatic system 

    -Practice learning how to move stagnant energy in the body

    -Learn how to cultivate a deeper connection to your body wisdom

    -Learn qi-gong and easy gentle yoga 


    -Understand your unique energy type and eat from a menu of wholistic foods designed to stimulate your brain and energize your body. 


    -INCLUDED: 3 breakfast meals, 3 lunch meals, 3 desserts

  • royal glow community


    -Be surrounded by a community of like-minded seekers, and action takers ready to trailblazer their own unique path.

Ask yourself. 

"Am I living the life I desire to live, or

am I living the life others desire for me?" 


This is the mental health break you've been searching for.

Teach the mind and body how to rest and connect back to your center.

Where is it located?

The retreat will be hosted at The Westin in Sarasota, FL


Experience fine, intentional hospitality in your own private room or suite. 


The Westin is a 4-star premier luxury wellness resort with intuitive amenities designed to enrich your well-being inside and out. This hotel is situated in close distances to some of the most beautiful beaches and botanical gardens in Florida. Awaken your sense of wanderlust and adventure.  Enjoy an invigorating workout in between sessions or book a spa treatment during our downtime. Enjoy dinner at their restaurant which offers soul-warming comfort food prepared with healthy, nutritious ingredients after your day sessions. Watch the sunset on the rooftop.


Rest well in their picturesque modern rooms and suites featuring cozy bedding, natural lighting and floor-to-ceiling windows. 




You will receive the link to discounted room rates upon booking.


Deadline to book hotel rooms:

November 7th.


All-inclusive package available.

Our team will book the accommodations for you with this option.

Time feels more precious

when you are present.

Explore the natural wonders of Siesta Key Beach

Siesta Key is best known for it's soft, powdery sand made of 99% crystal quartz. 

Experience the facilitation of walking meditations on this beach and receive its healing properties. It is said that the high concentration of quartz makes it a natural conductor of energy and amplifies energy by storing, releasing and regulating it. It is said to aid in mental focus and memory.

Physically, they help to stimulate the immune system and create

harmony between the mind, body and Spirit.

How much is it worth to you to be free of

self-imposed limitations, fear, doubt, old habits from the past, and repeating patterns that create the same reality?

It's time to choose between your options.

Regular Retreat Ticket 

-Includes daily meals 

-Attendance to all sessions 

-Daily meditation and gentle movements

-Lifetime access to foundational meditation course

-Custom-tailored retreat experience



All Inclusive Package

-Includes daily meals 

-Attendance to all sessions 

-Daily meditation and gentle movements

- Lifetime access to foundational meditation course

-Custom-tailored retreat experience

-Includes 3 night private hotel room stay at The Westin and all wellness focused resort amenities. 


BONUS: Private 45 minute post-retreat integrative session with Sandy


Your interaction with this page was not mere coincidence.

You were guided here because your heart is ready to heal. Your mind is ready create a new reality.  Your body is ready to feel safe again. Your Soul is ready to embody it's full self. Will you meet your Higher Self half way?  

Only you know deep down what's true for you.

Follow that.

A Note From The Founder

​You made it here because you are meant to be here. Every scenario in your life has lead you to this one right now. One where you are faced with an opportunity to experience more happiness, prosperity, great health and love within yourself. If you have been seeking for someone or something to rely on, it's not more books, more friends, or  more mentors -it's your own intuition. During our time together, you will learn all the tools to strengthen your relationship own intuitive wisdom and be equipped with lifetime knowledge that will never fail you and will awaken you to your own True Nature.


From experience,




 The number #1 contributor to many dis-eases is stress.

When you learn the tools, sciences and practices to heal yourself,

you can heal your life.


Sandy Vo has been practicing, experimenting, integrating and teaching meditation, Ayurveda and Yoga Science for the past decade. Emerging from part of a sacred ancient lineage, her life's devotion is in supporting others to explore and understand their inner dimensions so they can create, serve and live their Highest reality. Meditation was the foundation that catapulted her to understand consciousness in such a way that connected her to the unified field of Divine Intelligence. It healed her through burn out, suicidal depression, crippling anxiety, and physical digestive ailments. 


Meditation was only the beginning. New breathing techniques and how to tune into your own body wisdom brings forth the embodiment of a new reality, your Highest Expression of Self. Sandy has since then organized a new body of wisdom called Shanta Royale Meditation which teachings human beings how to harmonize their inner and outer environment through what you already have from within. After teaching to hundreds of college students, therapists, business owners, high performing leaders- it's evident that you can access this realm too. 

It is not beyond you but within you. 


Sandy's message is that you do not need to be a well-practiced yogi living in a cave or a well-studied scientist or someone who has a lot of time on their hands to know of this Intelligence to heal yourself.


It is available to people like you. Now she brings the experience closer to you. This retreat offers you the unique opportunity to know your true nature, integrate it in a practical way then bring forth this 

transformation everywhere you go.


Create a positive ripple effect.

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The truth is, if you don't prioritize

your own well-being,

No one else will. 


Discover a unique one-of-a-kind opportunity to immerse yourself in vibrant health, inner fulfillment
deep Presence in an uncertain world.