APRIL 21-25, 2021   |   Naples, Florida

Naples Grande Beach Resort 

Limited Spots.

This retreat will be sold out on a first come, first serve basis.




The Royal Glow Meditation Retreat, hosted in tropical sunny Florida, presents an extraordinary opportunity for you to detach from ordinary pressures of daily responsibilities, routines and environment that habitually create the reality you currently live in.


Step into this unique space to explore who you are beyond the identity that people in your life know you as, or the roles you play in the world.


This is the space intentionally cultivated for you to be your whole Self.


In this safe container, you'll learn the tools and modalities to bring forth your deepest desires, Highest reality and Highest expression. 



This retreat is designed to challenge you to step into new experiences so you can master your life. When given the right tools and practices of mind/body/awareness to understand your own consciousness, you are no longer a slave to the mind and learn to enjoy your life in a grand way.


During this event, you will anchor into a restful yet highly rejuvenated state so you can deepen your understanding of meditation, mindfulness, and the power of self-transformation. 


Become more self-trusting, confident, and clear on your path. 


-Transformational Workshops

-Healing tools and techniques to rejuvenate the mind, body & Spirit

-Daily integrative meditation journey 

-The importance of vibrational therapy and how it can retrain the mind

-Learn the blueprint to understanding your unique energy signature to support you in making better choices

-Practice the 5 element breathwork: types of breathing exercises to self-regulate, reduce stress and access higher fields of consciousness so you can tap into an effortless flow of creativity

-Practice and integrate 5 types of meditation

                 -in-action (while working etc)





-Body wisdom practices to reset the nervous system so you feel more at peace and cultivate deeper self-trust

-Reprogramming the unconscious mind to experience a new desired reality

-Connection to community of  purpose-driven and like-minded seekers here to embody their Highest reality of health, wealth, intimacy and energy.


  • Reset the overly stimulated nervous system so calm can be your new natural state

  • Teach the busy body how to rest 

  • Create a mind, body, Spirit environment of self-trust 

  • Learn to self-regulate emotions


  • Experience deep sleep and access creative energy

  • Learn to self-soothe the mind, body, and Spirit 

  • ​Experience what it feels like to connect to your true Self without your own judgements in the way 

  • Rewire old patterns, thoughts and emotions of unworthiness or scarcity




About the Venue:

Hosted at the Naples Grande Beach Resort

Luxury reimagined. Paradise revalitized.

Close your eyes.

Now imagine feeling the warm sun kissing your skin as it shines brightly across a sea of sparkling turquoise water.

Imagine cool white sugared sand, and the bright blue sky.

Imagine stepping into an experience that's as unique as you are. 

A venue that feels like paradise, surrounded by nature near the 

calm beaches of the Gulf of Mexico for the walking meditations.


  • Immerse yourself into the cleansing ocean

  • Walk on cool sand to rejuvenate your body from your feet up

  • Nourishing meals provided customized to dietary restrictions and needs

  • Relaxing venue to fully surrender into new experiences


*This is an intimate retreat that will sell out on a first come, first serve basis.


More information and logistics will be sent once the application is received.



Event Timeline: 

April 21- check in at 2 PM EST

Event starts at 3:30 PM EST

April 25- ends Sunday at 1 PM EST




Due to the high level of care, tailored and intimate experience

of this retreat, you must apply in order to be eligible to attend.







Sandy Vo has been practicing, experimenting, integrating and teaching meditation, Ayurveda and Yoga Science for the past decade. Emerging from part of a sacred ancient lineage, her life's work is in supporting others to explore and understand their inner dimensions so they can create, serve and live their Highest reality. Meditation was the foundation that catapulted her to understand consciousness in such a way that connected her to the unified field of Divine Intelligence. It healed her through burn out, depression, anxiety and physical ailments. 


Meditation was only the beginning. But new breathing techniques and how to tune into your own body wisdom brings forth the embodiment of a new reality, your Highest Expression of Self. After teaching this to hundreds of college students, therapists, business owners, high performing leaders- it's evident that you can access this realm too. It is not beyond you but within you.


Sandy's message is that you do not need to be a well-practiced yogi living in a cave or a well-studied scientist to know of this Intelligence. 


It is available to people like you right now. Now she brings the experience closer to you. This retreat offers you the opportunity to know your true nature, integrate it in a practical way then bring forth this transformation everywhere you go.